Built for Caroline Patterson, a Hollywood wardrobe stylist, the MotoLady build Blondezilla DualSporty is a sparkly green beast with style. It was featured on world renowned BikeEXIF alongside photography by Sean Delshadi of Burly Brand.


We love scramblers for their effortlessly cool vibe. But they don’t just look good: they’re invariably more usable and practical than most customs.

It’s the usability angle that inspired Alicia Mariah Elfving to build this Sportster scrambler, with help from builder Jeff Wolf. Her previous build, a custom Ducati Monster, looked great but wasn’t that good at munching the miles.

“I wanted to make a bike very different from the Monster,” says Alicia, who runs the excellent MotoLady website. “The Ducati is great for canyons and twisties, but it’s the worst for any kind of distance riding. It’s uncomfortable, and there’s nowhere to pack anything.”

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